Covid-19 Policies


I want to say thank you for allowing us to host your kids at OBCT,  The safety of our students is our number one concern and we wanted to share with you the policies and procedures we have put in place to comply with the governor's recommendations and how we are utilizing our space to work best  in hosting our students. This will allow you an insight into what your students experience will look like and how you can help us in this process.

Child requirements/needs

  1. Classes/Troupes/Shows will be assigned a pod/group and will travel with that group each time they are together when applicable.
  2. Classes/Troupes/Shows need to pack a snack/lunch when applicable (use of refrigerator and microwave is prohibited)There will be no leaving the building to purchase outside food.
  3. Classes/Troupes/Shows need to have a water bottle. OBCT does not have community water available.
  4. Students  are required to have a mask at all times and should pack the same. OBCT will have extra masks if needed. We take msk breaks every 45 minutes for 15 minutes. 5) Students should have hand sanitizer with them. OBCT will have sanitizer available but we would encourage campers to have their own sanitizer. We take a sanitizer break every 45 minutes.
  5. Dress comfortable and come ready to have fun.

OBCT Classes/Troupes/Shows

  1. Upon entering OBCT by the front door and or the middle door you will see signage per GA requirements “Students can’t enter if they have been diagnosed with Covid 19, have exhibited symptoms of Covid 19, or have been in contact with a person(s) that has or been suspected of having Covid 19 within the past (14) days.
  2. Upon entering OBCT by the front door and or the middle door, bathroom door and theater doors you will see signage per GA requirements “ Students must adhere to Social Distancing requirements and periodically use sanitation stations/ washing stations/personal sanitizer and face mask while in/around and participating in camp.”
  3. OBCT parents will drop off students at the appropriate door. Parents can not walk their student into OBCT at any time.We ask that you pull up and wait for the teacher to come over and we will scan your child in the car Your child  (with mask on) will be scanned with a digital thermometer. Your temperature can not be greater than 100.4. We will also screen the child if they have fever/chills/sore throat/shaking/chills, cough/ muscle pain.
  4. Students will proceed in the correct door and proceed to either the theater or the front room depending on POD/if applicable
  5. Students In each room will have their HOME BASE. This will be a chair that will be distanced from the other students and should be where they proceed to when not rehearsing . They will place personal belongings /lunch etc under the chair.
  6. Once students have been checked in, everyone will sanitize.
  7. We will sanitize every 45 minutes throughout the time at OBCT.
  8. Students will have bathroom breaks and will request the same from OBCT personnel. They will be escorted to the bathroom on an individual basis and then back to the room. The door will be propped open. No more than one person in the bathroom at a time. Bathrooms will be cleaned throughout the day.
  9. Students will stay in the room during the class and  if applicable the teachers switch between rooms. Teachers will have the same screening processes prior to their entering.
  10. If applicable  when students eat  lunch,  they can remove masks and eat.
  11. If we notice a student exhibiting an issue we will move them to a safe area(front office) and the parent will be called.
  12. Students will be picked up in two different locations. Those that had the front room (middle door) will be picked in front of OBCT. Those that are in the theater will be picked up in the back at the back door. Parents will not get out of their car.(if applicable)


  1. All lobby furniture will be turned around and will not be available.
  2. Cubbies/music room/ costume room and main lobby will be closed except for ingress for daytime campers and bathroom breaks.
  3. There will be no water cooler.
  4. There is sanitizer in the studio.
  5. OBCT has on hand at all times 50 masks to use. We encourage everyone to bring their own from home


  1. Children will be dropped off at the middle door in the front door. We have a temperature scanner and each child will be scanned. They will then be seated in a chair that is distanced from each other. Their costume will be in that chair.
  2. They should  have a face mask each day. After they leave we will wipe down the space and wash costumes
  3. The theater will have TBD number of seats for each performance. There will be a limit to how many tickets will be sold per family. The chairs will be spaced out to have social distancing
  4. Parents will drop off the children 15 minutes before the show and will wait in their cars.
  5. 5 minutes prior to show time parents will  go to the squares outside enter the theater and will be scanned /temperature check and will be seated
  6. Show will start once everyone is seated. No curtain speech or concessions. Face masks are required for all.
  7. When the show is over children will go to the front room.
  8. Parents will pick up children in cars from center door like carpool

We understand this sounds like a lot and we are being overly cautious, but we think people will be in the venue no more than 70 minutes.  We are not sure what the new normal may be, but we are looking at all the information to try to give the most positive experience in this situation.

Chris and Shannon